the affair recovery program

you deserve a happy & healthy relationship.

Your Path to Affair Recovery and a Thriving Relationship Starts Now!

Your Path to Affair Recovery Starts Now! 

Discover the proven system to heal, rebuild, and Thrive After Infidelity – Transforming Your Marriage into a Lasting Love Story! We have the expertise and the roadmap to get you there.

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start healing • proven roadmap • expert help • rebuild and earn trust • reconnect • seasoned team • affair recovery with experts • START HEALING • PROVEN ROADMAP •

It is time you finally get the right help to heal and rebuild trust.

We are a group of seasoned marriage & family therapists led by Idit Sharoni, LMFT who specialize in affair recovery. Each one of us has worked with hundreds of couples in the aftermath of infidelity and has helped them heal, rebuild trust, and transform their relationships. 

We understand the depths of your pain and the complexity of your emotions. We are here to walk alongside you, offering guidance, support, and expertise to navigate the difficult path of affair recovery with compassion, understanding, and a roadmap to a brighter future.

Ready for your life to change?

you don't have to do it alone!

“This program transformed our relationship & our life!”

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

- Kevin & Crystal

So many couples have been right where you are.

They've struggled with the healing for months and sometimes years. They've been stuck in crisis mode hoping that therapy, books, or podcasts will help them feel better. Only to find that none of those (not even time) actually heal from infidelity. That's because those mentioned above were missing essential pieces.

with A proven ROADMAP TO HEALING, effective TOOLS, AND expert guidance you're setting yourself up for success!

Wondering how it's done?


it's okay to stay®

A transformative infidelity recovery program tailored specifically to couples seeking to save their relationship, heal from infidelity, and rebuild a thriving partnership. Backed by extensive research and expert insights to equip you with the accurate tools, strategies, and support for affair recovery.

Let's break it down

Here's What You'll do


step One

Align Perspectives

In this crucial first module of our Affair Recovery program, we'll ensure that we're "on the same page" by providing you with essential information to understand the journey ahead and establish a clear goal.

This module covers everything you need to know about infidelity, empowering you to navigate the program with the utmost success. Discover what constitutes infidelity, learn effective strategies to increase your potential for healing, and gain insights on creating a supportive system tailored to your needs. By aligning our perspectives and setting a shared goal, we pave the way for a transformative journey towards healing, growth, and a future filled with renewed trust and happiness.


step Two

Restore Balance

Here, we focus on rebalancing the crisis and kickstarting the healing process. This module is dedicated to putting the right systems in place, such as transparency, trust building, and genuine forgiveness. By implementing these essential elements, you can begin to shift away from the emotional rollercoaster and embark on a path of steady healing.

It's time to regain stability, nurture trust, and create a foundation that fosters lasting emotional well-being. Together, we'll navigate this module to restore balance, providing you with the tools and strategies necessary to experience genuine healing and embrace a future filled with renewed hope and resilience.


step Three

Transform Communication

In this step of our Affair Recovery journey, you will gain invaluable tools to transform your communication and break free from conflict avoidance. By embracing healing conversations, you will learn techniques to effectively express yourself, ensuring that your thoughts and feelings are heard, validated, and ultimately contributing to the healing process. Discover and practice skills that will enable you to discuss the meaning and motives behind the infidelity in a safe and constructive manner.

Through these transformative conversations, you will not only regain access to your partner's inner world, but also reclaim a sense of coherence and reduce the impact of post-traumatic stress. Recover as we empower you with the art of communication, paving the way for healing, understanding, and a renewed sense of connection.


step Four

Build a New Foundation

In Step 4 of our Affair Recovery journey, our focus is on restarting a new and improved relationship. It's time to create a relationship blueprint based on your current core needs and boundaries, allowing you to embark on a fresh chapter in your relationship.

This is your opportunity to grow from the trauma you've experienced and shape the life you desire with your spouse. Together, we'll lay the groundwork for a stronger, more fulfilling connection by establishing a solid foundation that aligns with your personal growth and shared aspirations. Let's seize this transformative moment to build a future filled with love, trust, and the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

the results

By enrolling in our program, you will:


Follow a personalized roadmap to rebuild trust, create healthy boundaries, and cultivate a future filled with love, commitment, and shared dreams.


Discover powerful communication techniques to rebuild trust, foster emotional intimacy, and nurture a solid foundation of openness and vulnerability.


Gain a deep understanding of the underlying factors contributing to infidelity and develop strategies to prevent its recurrence.


Learn effective coping mechanisms to manage the intense emotions that arise during the healing process, allowing for true healing and growth.


Receive guidance from experienced relationship coaches who have helped numerous couples successfully navigate their journey to affair recovery.

How It Works

First consult

Book a 45-min Zoom consultation with us to learn if this program is the best solution for your relationship now.

Then enroll

Get enrolled in one of our program tiers. You can choose the best fit from our Basic, Signature, or Elite services.

Then start

Get immediate access to the program and your expert and start implementing and watching your relationship transform.

real results

Dave & Shelly got their love back...

"This program helped us put pieces of a puzzle together in continuing this affair recovery journey."

real results

Daniel & Michelle saved their marriage.

"This program was a game-changer for us. It helped us move forward in a way we did not think possible."

Weeks from now you will have wished you started today....

So Let's Get you enrolled!

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Inquire About The Program

To ensure the best fit and make the most out of our program, we do require a 45-minute consultation. This allows us to get to know you better, understand your unique needs, and tailor our approach accordingly. It's essential that both partners attend this consultation as we value the input and perspective of each individual in the relationship.

Yes, It Really Works:

sasha & james

"Without your program I don't think we would have been able get through this."

It helped us to see that we both needed to be on the journey to forgiveness, and that it wasn't just up to me (Sasha) to forgive and move on. As soon as James realized his role in my healing, we made the first step and continued with the rest to full recovery.

christy & robert

"We had tried couples therapy in the past... this program WORKS!"

We have not felt this close in years! I am so grateful to Idit's program, she saved our relationship!! I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone going through infidelity.

james & stacey

"I'd give this program a 10 out of 10 for many reasons."

First, because it is a very well organized program. I loved that we had a map and we were well guided through the process. Second, because our coaching sessions with Idit were nothing less than amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone going through the aftermath of infidelity.

You're stronger than you think you are. But like most of us, you need help to take the next step to heal, forgive, and trust. You just want someone to tell you what works.

We worked with hundreds of couples throughout the years and learned what works in what order. Of course, it's not a simple do this do that. It's a robust formula that can adapt to different situations. From dealing with full-blown affairs, repeated infidelity, emotional affairs, online porn, to any other betrayal you can think of. If it happened to you, we know how to help you save your relationship and make it work!

You're in the right place.

bonus trainings

Stop Intrusive Thoughts
Self soothing Break

extra extra extra

Grab your seat today and get 2 extra bonuses!

Did you ever wonder how to stop the intrusive thoughts about the infidelity? Or, wanted to learn how to self-sooth when you're emotionally flooded? You'll get these 2 trainings as part of our welcome bonus to those who enroll.

“This is your day. This is the time to transform it all.”

— us, yesterday

By the end of this program, you will...

Feel a renewed sense of trust and security in your relationship.

Experience emotional healing and closure

Experience a profound closeness, increased empathy, and a stronger bond

Be able to connect emotionally and enjoy healing deep conversations.

Feel a renewed sense of hope, joy, and optimism as you embrace a future

Be able to go on date-nights, enjoy vacations and time spent together.

book consultation

“Definitely. Would recommend it to any couple that have felt betrayal or infidelity.”

Thank you Yael and Idit for your coaching, wisdom and guidance. You have a wonderful program which is helping us day to day. We thank you both!

-Sarah & Joshua



“This coaching program gave us the tools we needed to dig ourselves out and not create damage in the process.”

Now our conversations provide healing and comfort and have completely changed the path I believe we were on.

-Rachel & Jeff



Hey there!

I'm Idit Sharoni, your Infidelity Recovery Expert!

Based in sunny Florida, I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) with a heartfelt mission: helping committed couples heal from infidelity.

Together with my extraordinary team of experts: Dr. Yael Haklai-Neagu, LMFT and Ana de la Cruz, LMFT, we are committed to being your unwavering support system throughout this transformative journey. 

But it wasn't always this way. 

A decade ago, we used to hold what I call "venting sessions" - therapy sessions where both partners would vent their frustrations, but time would run out before any real progress was made. Unfortunately, this left couples feeling more disheartened than when they began.

In a flash of insight, I recognized the need to offer couples a clear roadmap to healing in the aftermath of infidelity. It became evident that addressing the infidelity itself should take precedence before diving into marital work. This realization led me to craft the perfect affair recovery program, designed to guide couples towards genuine healing and renewed trust.

your healing is not about being "especially forgiving", it's all about having an effective roamap. 

This affair recovery program is the only one of its kind because...

It offers a proven roadmap

Our program is not just another generic offering; it's a transformative experience tailored specifically to couples seeking to save their relationship, heal from infidelity, and rebuild a thriving partnership. Built on years of research, expert insights, and the lessons learned from successful couples, our program empowers you with the tools, strategies, and support needed to navigate the intricate terrain of affair recovery.

What sets our program apart from the rest is its unparalleled approach to affair recovery. We understand that each couple's journey is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution simply won't suffice. That's why our program stands out as truly one of a kind.

with Tailored Strategies 

We don't believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Our program provides personalized strategies and techniques that address your specific situation, challenges, and goals. We take the time to understand your unique dynamics and offer guidance tailored to your needs, ensuring a more effective and meaningful recovery process.

and Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced relationship experts is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in affair recovery and have helped numerous couples successfully navigate their journey. With their guidance, you'll benefit from proven strategies, invaluable insights, and compassionate support, ensuring you never feel alone on this challenging path.

All of our team members are practicing licensed marriage and family therapists with well over a decade of experience and thousands of hours helping couples transform their relationships after infidelity. 

filled with Comprehensive Resources

Our program offers a wealth of resources, including educational materials, exercises, and practical tools that supplement the coaching sessions. These resources are designed to empower you with knowledge, skills, and techniques to overcome obstacles, foster healing, and rebuild trust. We provide a comprehensive roadmap that covers all aspects of affair recovery, allowing you to progress at your own pace and address your unique needs.

allowing Long-Term Relationship Building

Our program is not just focused on short-term survival; it's designed to equip you with the tools and skills necessary for long-term relationship transformation. We help you establish a solid foundation of trust, effective communication, and emotional connection that will continue to strengthen your relationship well beyond the recovery process. Our goal is to guide you in building a lasting, thriving partnership that can weather any storm.

have the best expert guidance


participate from anywhere

enjoy free bonuses

This program includes everything you need to heal & rebuild.

While our affair recovery program is a valuable step in your journey, its impact can only extend so far. The true transformation lies in the application of what you'll learn – that's where the real progress happens. It's important to recognize that forgiveness isn't a prerequisite for healing; instead, it's a profound journey both partners embark on together, and it might ultimately become the destination you reach.

If you want this to be the time that you *finally* commit to:

Putting in the effort to heal your relationship.

Following a system that will guide you through.

Acknowledging and addressing the pain, anger, and resentment associated with the infidelity,

And actively working towards forgiveness and healing for both yourself and your partner.

Embracing the long-term growth and development of your relationship. 

Embracing the healing journey and being open to the process of emotional healing.

Finding time to follow a roadmap to healing and rebuilding so you can enjoy a loving relationship again. 

book free consult

This *is* for you if:

You're fully committed to healing

There is remorse

You're ready to do what it takes

You're not committed

You're not remorseful

It's probably *not* for you if...

You're not willing to do the work

Let's Get You Started!

So what are you waiting for?

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Inquire About The Program

For the best fit and program optimization, a 45-minute consultation is required. This allows us to understand your unique needs and tailor our approach accordingly. Both partners' attendance is essential as we value each individual's input and perspective in the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have a high success rate of over 90%! We determine that by surveying all our clients towards the end of their process. We are proud that 100% of our couples say they'd recommend this program.


It depends. If the hurt partner is conflicted, than no problem, you can take the program. But if the unfaithful partner is not remorseful or still betraying, than don't take this program.


Yes, it is aimed at any type of betrayal including physical affairs, emotional affairs, online affairs, porn, sexting, paid sex, etc. We consider all types of infidelity to be life shattering for couples.

What's the difference between this program and couples therapy?

This program is created by a couples therapist, so it has many components of the therapy room, but it is far more structured and specific. Many couples therapists are quick to work on the marriage before tending to the infidelity. This program is centered around affair recovery and is built as a roadmap to healing in 3 main phases that have shown to be highly effective. See the program breakdown for more information. 


We get that and therefore recommend taking the program in the span of 8-10 weeks. You can expect 2 weekly hours of materials + time for implementation as needed [VIP: add 1:1 time with your expert]. We will discuss this more accurately in the consultation once we know your optimal tier of support.

What's the program's price?

Our pricing is between 2K-15K depending on the level of support we provide. During our consultation we determine the right tier of service for your specific situation and need. 



Couples who have taken this program


Number of weeks it takes to complete


Experts' years of experience in affair recovery


Our couples' success rate

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Still on the Fence?

We completely understand. Every decision about the health of your relationship must feel like a perfect fit. Don't hesitate to get in touch! We're happy to answer your questions.

Disclaimer: This program is educational only and is not a substitute for marriage and family therapy, psychotherapy and/or medication under the care of a licensed therapist, psychiatrist or doctor. The Program is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. For any medical and psychological condition, physical symptoms or disorders, always consult with a qualified physician, psychotherapist or appropriate health care professional. Online and telephone interactions provided in this educational program may not be appropriate if you experience a crisis, have any suicidal thoughts or ideas, or experience any other harmful or life‐threatening situation, and in such instances you should seek professional services elsewhere, such as (but not limited to) contacting law enforcement or a crisis hotline, calling 911, or going to a hospital emergency room.