Hi there! I'm Idit Sharoni

A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in Affair Recovery with a passion to helping couples heal and rebuild trust.

With years of experience as a trusted expert in affair recovery, I have helped numerous couples overcome the pain of infidelity. My structured approach and proven methods have transformed countless relationships. I firmly believe in offering couples a clear roadmap with actionable steps to navigate the crisis after infidelity.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with numerous couples in the aftermath of infidelity. I've stood by their side as they grappled with challenging questions such as, "Should we stay together?" or "Why did it happen?" and even, "Am I going to be enough?" Initially, I believed that conventional couples therapy methods would be the answer, but I soon discovered I was mistaken.

And that's when I realized I could offer these couples a Roadmap to Healing.

A decade ago, when I first introduced this roadmap, I witnessed a remarkable transformation. Couples began to heal, reconnect, and rebuild trust. This marked the inception of our Infidelity Recovery Program, known as "It's Okay To Stay: Roadmap to Healing After Infidelity."

my WHY

I help couples in the aftermath of infidelity heal their relationship and rebuild trust.

I do this because over a decade of professional experience has proven that healing from infidelity and emerging stronger is entirely achievable using our roadmap!

Specializing in affair recovery is my calling. After working with countless couples who have faced infidelity, I've witnessed the power of genuine commitment, remorse, and a willingness to grow. It's awe-inspiring to see how couples can heal and rebuild when they seek help during their darkest times. I'm deeply honored that these couples have entrusted me with their relationships, mental well-being, and happiness. My dedication lies in guiding as many couples as I can away from the shame often associated with staying after infidelity, and towards the path of healing and rebuilding their relationships from the ground up.

A Look Back On the Past Decade

Started practicing therapy seeing individuals, couples, and families at the Brief Therapy Institute

Trained with Esther Perel, Gottman Level 2
Established Relationship Experts as a group practice specializing in Relationships & Affair Recovery




Got my Masters of Science degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University 
Opened my private practice specializing in Couples Therapy

Launched my Podcast 'Relationships Uncomplicated'
Trained with Gottman Level 3, Esther Perel, Terry Real, Michelle Weiner-Davis, and many more


Keep going

Moved from in-person sessions in our Miami office to Virtual / Online Therapy and Coaching all over the world

We expended even more and added another therapist, program specialist, and an admin to our team




Practice has grown from Miami couples only to couples from all over the US, Canada, Dubai, UK, Australia, and more

Podcast exceeds 500,000 downloads
Infidelity Recovery program has 100's of couples successfully healed from infidelity
Working on the next level service...


in the past decade

I crafted my therapy practice from the ground up, evolving into the go-to authority on navigating infidelity and affair recovery.

I'm the proud owner of Relationship Experts, a private practice committed to supporting couples and relationships. My clinical team comprises seasoned Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists with a specialization in affair recovery. Leading this incredible team has always been an absolute honor and joy. The ability to transform countless lives through our affair recovery program isn't just a simple achievement; it's the result of hard work, extensive knowledge, experience, and an unwavering dedication to healing. Together, my team and I have become the go-to source for couples navigating the aftermath of infidelity in the United States, Canada, the UK, and worldwide.


continue to invest in my team 

write a book

implement our roadmap in more ways

words matter

get our knowledge to as many people as possible

Don't let anyone shame couples into giving up

FEELING LIKE I can help?
LET's connect.

I personally invite you to apply to work with me . All you have to do is click below and schedule a free 45-minute consultation for you and your spouse. Our program specialist or myself will meet with you over Zoom and help you understand if I am the right fit for your specific situation. Looking  Forward!!

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The secret to healing after infidelity

The secret to healing after infidelity

The Essential Steps To Get-Off The Emotional Rollercoaster And Enter A Clear Pathway To Heal Your Relationship Even If Healing Seems Like An Impossible Mission!

Feeling stuck or lost after infidelity? Let me guide you with practical steps, restoring hope and love in your relationship. Join me in this free masterclass to rebuild trust and rediscover a healthy, loving bond after infidelity.


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Avoid 5 Mistakes After Infidelity

Learn what are the 5 most common mistakes couples make after infidelity, and what you can do instead even if you've already made some of them.

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Take our Recovery Ready Quiz to make sure you are ready for infidelity recovery. You'll get customized analysis and next steps.

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