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We are a private practice exclusively focused on guiding couples through the challenges of healing from infidelity. We help couples heal, rebuild trust, and and forge a renewed and enriched relationship after infidelity.

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We help committed couples save their marriage and heal from infidelity.

We specialize in guiding our couples on a transformative journey towards healing and rekindling their love after betrayal.

Our highly effective approach allows us to combine our unique skills and expertise, offering a comprehensive and holistic affair recovery roadmap tailored to each couple's specific needs. Through evidence-based therapeutic techniques, effective communication strategies, and nurturing guidance, we empower couples to rebuild trust, rediscover their profound connection, and forge a path towards a stronger, more resilient partnership.

our expertise:

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because we know what you can accomplish when you discover what's *possible* 

Surviving infidelity is possible, but it's not enough. You deserve to thrive and we know how to get you there! You can discover a renewed sense of trust, intimacy, and connection in your relationship. You can implement evidence-based techniques and effective communication tools so you can heal wounds and rebuild trust. You can cultivate a stronger bond and deeper understanding, experience profound healing and forgiveness. We will help you open the door to what's possible for you and your spouse. 

our services:

heal & rebuild WITH our signature coaching program

Signature affair recovery coaching program with 1:1 expert guidance


HEAL & REBUILD WITH OUR self pace e-course


start healing with expressing remorse


understand our roadmap to healing


get free relationship healing tips



Effective roadmap,
actual strategy,
strong team,
practical tools, 
relational healing.

what you won't:

bandaid fixes,
made-up gurus,
venting sessions,
aimless game.

that's what (they) said:

We have not felt this close in years! I am so grateful to Idit's program, she saved our relationship!!

christy & robert

This program helped us put pieces of a puzzle together in continuing this affair recovery journey.

Dave & Shelley

This program was a game-changer for us. It helped us move forward in a way we did not think possible.

daniel & michelle


Rachel & Jeff went from trauma and devastation to feeling connected & happy.

Before: The affair was devastating and life altering for Rachel & Jeff. For months they struggled to move through the devastation. Before this program they would discuss the affair and their issues and she would walk away with MORE trauma. 

After: Now their conversations provide healing and comfort and have completely changed the path I believe we were on. Rachel said that our roadmap along with the coaching made the healing possible for them.


Christy & Robert went from blaming each other to being closer than ever!

Before: They tried couples therapy in the past which only resulted into sessions of blaming each other without feeling like they were getting anywhere. We stopped couples therapy but the problems just festered until she discovered the infidelity. She bought multiple books (ways to leave and ways to stay) but still felt lost.

After: "We were able to focus on what was missing in our relationship and learn steps on how to communicate better in arguments, how to turn towards each other instead of away, and how to regularly make our relationship a priority.

REady to start healing?

You are on our mind with every offering we make here. Every service is designed to help you and your spouse heal, rebuild, and transform your relationship after infidelity. We know it's POSSIBLE. Now your turn!

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