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Transformative 45-Minute Consultation for Couples Affected by Infidelity. Let's Connect, Listen, and Craft a Path to Thriving Together - We're Eager to Hear Your Unique Story and Share How Our Expertise Can Make a Difference.

Our Infidelity Recovery Program Consultation is a Transformative 45-Minute Experience

The cosult is led by our program specialist, a seasoned affair recovery therapist with a deep understanding of our program and how it can help couples heal from infidelity.

As an affair recovery therapist herself, our specialist possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in overcoming infidelity. During this consultation, she takes the lead in guiding you through a comprehensive interview process, aiming to understand the aftermath of your infidelity journey, your current struggles, and your unique needs.

The consultation serves as a crucial step in determining the perfect fit for our program. If the synergy is evident, the consultation seamlessly progresses towards discussing the program's roadmap, addressing your questions, and facilitating the enrollment process. Conversely, if our program is not deemed suitable for your specific situation, we are committed to providing thoughtful referrals to the best alternatives outside our practice.

It's important to note that this consultation is a commitment that requires the active participation of both partners. We emphasize that we do not automatically authorize all requests; instead, we encourage only those couples who are ready and willing to invest time and effort in their healing journey to book this appointment. Couples contemplating a less committed approach are advised against scheduling the consultation.

We extend a warm welcome to those ready to embark on the path to healing, offering expert guidance and a proven method to navigate the challenges of infidelity recovery.

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who we are

Relationship Experts is deeply dedicated to salvaging relationships after infidelity

Relationship Experts, led by Idit Sharoni, LMFT, a seasoned therapist, is a compassionate team of couples therapists specializing in healing from infidelity and affair recovery.

Our primary goal is to assist couples across the globe in saving their relationships after the infidelity so they can thrive together. Through our well-established roadmap to healing and trust building, we offer a proven approach that has yielded remarkable results.

Here are the comprehensive services we provide:

We provide online coaching services across the United States and worldwide.

The unparalleled success of our infidelity recovery programs speaks for itself, as it has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of couples throughout the years. With a remarkably high success rate, we are confident in our ability to guide you towards healing and rebuilding your relationship.

Together, we can start a transformative journey of healing and growth, fostering love, trust, and happiness once again. Allow us the privilege of assisting you on this path to restoration.

our signature Infidelity Recovery Program supplemented by personalized 1:1 coaching

An E-Course Self-Help Program designed to empower individuals seeking to navigate their recovery independently

Ongoing coaching programs tailored exclusively for program alumni

One-Time Coaching Sessions facilitated by our distinguished experts

we know what we're doing

Our experts have spent the last decade helping couples heal their relationships.

No matter your current challenges, we can help you:
  • Navigate crisis and heal together
  • Communicate with compassion and effectiveness
  • Rebuild trust and find genuine forgiveness
  • Restore friendship, intimacy, and respect
  • Overcome past pain and resentment
  • Feel loved, respected, and appreciated
Join us on this transformative journey towards a happier, healthier relationship.

Take the next step to protect your relationship, rebuild your marriage, and enjoy a better connection with your partner. Even though you might feel really hurt right now, I want you to know that it's possible for you to feel closer and safer with your partner.

Learning to understand each other, reconnect, and be there for one another isn't magic - it just takes some effort. With your commitment to your partner and our program to help with infidelity, you can rebuild trust, become even closer, and overcome future challenges.

The help of a skilled infidelity expert can save your relationship

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Idit Sharoni, LMFT, and I'm dedicated to helping couples heal from infidelity

I founded Relationship Experts private practice back in 2011, and since then we've been able to save hundreds of relationships in the aftermath of infidelity. I created a step by step affair recovery method that is highly effective and often used successfully by our clients. In my podcast Relationships Uncomplicated, I share my philosophy and tips. 

foUNDER of relationship experts
licensed marriage & family therapist
@idit.sharoni @therelationshipexperts

“Idit made us feel very safe, comfortable and attended to every step of the way.”

The support and sessions from her throughout the program truly was the reason we can say we are almost fully healed from the aftermath of the affair. We have created a stronger bond than we ever thought possible and are excited looking forward into this new chapter in our marriage. 


“We had tried couples therapy in the past... this program WORKS!”

I have to stay this program WORKS! Every single aspect of the hurt person's feelings, thoughts and questions are covered. And it teaches the betrayer how to help the hurt partner and how to talk about EVERYTHING! This is SUCH an important part of the process!


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