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Explore the stories of couples who survived infidelity.  These couples successfully completed our Infidelity Recovery Program and felt eager to share their transformative experiences. These firsthand accounts are valuable resources for couples facing similar challenges, offering insights and inspiration on the journey to recovering from an affair.

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"We felt this program was everything we needed to create an action plan towards healing.

What you need most in the aftermath of infidelity is someone to ground you and tell you how to proceed in the proper way without you trying to figure that out on your own. Having an evidence based research roadmap with lessons and tools to be guided is exactly what you need.

After an infidelity revelation, your world feels like it's crumbling, everything you thought you knew about each other and their wants and desires are gone. For us, specifically, we both had infidelities, which made it difficult to change mind sets every lesson to be the hurt partner as well as the unfaithful partner. Following the program step by step allowed us to understand each others pain, conflict, and struggle within. Without the guidance of Idit and her team, we would not be where we are today. We are eternally grateful for her support and expert advice."

- Ben & Miranda, 2024


"This coaching program completely transformed our marriage and our relationship. We can't imagine where we would be without it.

Months later we are still enjoying a relationship that we had only dreamed about. As part of the healing process we were finally able to address many issues and misconceptions we both had. We suddenly had tools to deal with issues in a healthy way. It was refreshing to work with someone who could focus on and help us understand what love and trust really mean. The tools Idit gave us to finally communicate about what these mean in our relationship made such a difference in us understanding ourselves and one another. It was also clear that once we decided to give it our all, there was no doubt she was committed to helping see us through what was the most difficult period in our relationship. We are eternally grateful to Idit for sharing such an amazing and life changing experience with us."

- Eric & Mae, 2023

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Carrie & Jay, USA

I was blown away with the program and how helpful it was!

We would absolutely recommend this program to other couples in the aftermath of infidelity. The staying on track and making sure we hit specific things is absolutely needed in this process. I think not would be easy to go to couples therapy and get stuck in just airing our grievances. The staying on track and making sure we hit specific things is absolutely needed in this process. 

Carolina & Eric, Canada

I’ve already recommended this program to two of my friends.

This entire experience changed our relationship. We were on the brink of separating and focusing on co parenting. We both lost a lot of faith. This program was not easy but it pushed us to look into our selves and really describe what was there. It encouraged healing, love, comfort, and forgiveness. They never made decisions for us but always gave us the support we needed to make the decisions we wanted. I’m immensely grateful for this program and I’m blessed to have found this.

Julia & Raphael, USA

I am really pleased with how well thought out and structured everything was.

What I appreciated was that it takes the control out of one person in the couples hands and instead, trusts someone else with that job, so that each of us had the space we needed to heal and be heard. We couldn’t have done this kind of progress this quickly without your help. Thank you!

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"Love is not always enough, but if you love each other and want to find a way, there is a path to happiness together.

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the program modules that have been provided to us. They have proven to be insightful, engaging, and instrumental in our therapy journey thus far. In particular, I would like to highlight the exemplary qualities of our therapist, Idit. Her vast knowledge and expertise, combined with her patience and understanding, have greatly contributed to the progress we have made. Through her even-tempered demeanor and systematic clinical approach, Adam and I have been able to engage in conversations that were previously unexplored. Idit's guidance has opened new avenues for discussion, allowing us to delve into topics that were previously difficult to address. Her ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space has encouraged openness and vulnerability within our sessions."

- nina & adam, 2023

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"We are so grateful to Idit!!! Words cannot express our gratitude for helping us through this."

This program is essential for couples wanting to stay together!!! Very well organized and easy to follow. It provides a very good blueprint and even recommends specific reading and video resources for each step in the modules. The 1:1 coaching sessions with Idit were super helpful.

- Christine & Paul

"Excellent approach to infidelity aftermath, potential causes and efforts to prevent recurrence."

This program is Excellent. It was very helpful for our situation. I really felt the approach was a perfect catalyst to dig deep into evaluating our communication. But also giving us tools to change how we communicate and go away from keeping it unresolved.

- Vera & Guy

"Hands down would recommend. We are very grateful for the program and the tools it has provided us."

Just want to say Ana was very insightful as well as informative. She made the process easy to follow and very hands on dealing with an emotional roller coaster.

- Daniella & Tyler


Rachel & Jeff went from trauma and devastation to feeling connected & happy.

Before: The affair was devastating and life altering for Rachel & Jeff. For months they struggled to move through the devastation. Before this program they would discuss the affair and their issues and she would walk away with MORE trauma. 

After: Now their conversations provide healing and comfort and have completely changed the path I believe we were on. Rachel said that our roadmap along with the coaching made the healing possible for them.


Christy & Robert went from blaming each other to being closer than ever!

Before: They tried couples therapy in the past which only resulted into sessions of blaming each other without feeling like they were getting anywhere. We stopped couples therapy but the problems just festered until she discovered the infidelity. She bought multiple books (ways to leave and ways to stay) but still felt lost.

After: "We were able to focus on what was missing in our relationship and learn steps on how to communicate better in arguments, how to turn towards each other instead of away, and how to regularly make our relationship a priority.


Holly & Tim went from feeling completely lost and alone to finding love and happiness again.

Before: When the affair was discovered they were lost as this was the first time they had to face something so difficult. "After the affair was discovered the pain was tremendous and we both felt very lost and alone."

After: They now feel they saved their marriage and are equipped with tools to continue to heal and improve. They are thankful to their expert saying: "Ana has guided us and listened to us. She helped us see that healing is possible with patience, time and effort from each of us." 

Success stories from couples surviving infidelity and recovering from an affair

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It has been very good overall. The understanding on infidelity is like none other and breaking it down into separate stages certainly helps with visualizing the path to recovery. The defined roadmap and steps to be accomplished provided step by step targets and goals so that it was not overwhelming. There were great insights and the one on one was super helpful too.

sara & James

"We would not have made it this far together without this program."

reviewed by:

It was helpful in the beginning because we didn't know where to start. The program provides structure through the messy road. It also makes you go through steps you felt like you might have already completed, but gives you the opportunity to do them more in depth with clarity.

stacey & scott

"The course provides so many useful tools and it was great to talk with someone who is a professional in this."

reviewed by:

We tried a couples therapist before this and it did not even compare. Every session we left thinking what did we accomplish? In the end the answer was nothing. This program gives both partners the tools to deal with the trauma caused by the affair alongside tools to be implemented through your new relationship to continue to heal, grow, and prosper.

Jessica & Ivan

"Research and evidence base use of tools that actually work!"

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Both partner's are equally important in the recovery process. Our history with therapists were typically one sided. My part was just get over it, deal with anger management issues, stop obsessing but no one knew how to do that. This program placed a large part of the hurt partner's healing on the unfaithful in order to have them both grow closer together through the pain. No one has every told me that I needed to have my pain heard. I was always told to not bring it up so that I wouldn't trigger my wife.

Mia & Patrick

"This program approaches recovery in a completely different way than typical approaches."

"Before going through this program, I always firmly believed that I would never consider staying with someone who had cheated on me.

I would highly recommend this program because it offers a unique perspective on understanding the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder that occur in the aftermath of infidelity. It delves into the reasons behind some individuals' decisions to stay in the relationship despite the betrayal, which was something I struggled with myself. Before going through this program, I always firmly believed that I would never consider staying with someone who had cheated on me. However, I found myself in a situation where I couldn't simply walk away, and it left me questioning my own judgment and choices. With the guidance of Idit, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological impact infidelity can have on a person and why it doesn't always mean the end of a relationship."

- Michael & Susanne, 2023

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"I remember saying: "I don’t know how I will ever be able to move on from this or trust you ever again".

When I first found out about the infidelity, I initialed wasn’t sure if I was going to stay in the marriage. Once I decided that I wanted to stay rebuild our marriage, I remember saying “I don’t know how I will ever be able to move on from this or trust you ever again” This program has shown us ways to help me heal, reduce my PTSD symptoms, given us tools to improve communication as well as empowered us to create boundaries and a vision for our new relationship. It has truly shown us what we need to do to heal from this betrayal. It has also given me hope that we can rebuild something better than we had before.

I enjoyed the program. I looked forward to doing the modules and implementing the assignments, which were all really great tools to assist us in repairing our marriage. It gave us so many tools to use moving forward in our marriage. I particularly found the coaching calls the most helpful. However the assignments were extremely helpful and contained so many elements to assist in the healing process if the time is invested into doing them and implementing them into your marriage.

- Kelly & steve, 2023

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Robert, USA

There are very few specialists in affair recovery. Idit is one of the best ones!

I have experienced the deficiencies of licensed therapist and counselors that do not have the Gottman Institute research knowledge or that utilize any other affair recovery specialists. Most people don't even know the specialty exists and that's sad. I feel that marriages that don't want to end finally do end because they don't have the people or resources that we found.

Jay & Grace, USA

Extremely worthwhile. I think counseling would have taken longer

 and would not have covered all of the important steps needed to move through the process. The program took us through the needed steps to work through the emotions and issues. all of the things I was feeling and thinking were addresses without me having to push it.

Anthony & Emmy, USA

I would definitely recommend the program and feel it was especially effective for us

6 months after the reveal of the infidelity. We reached a point where we realized we couldn't do it on our own, recognized we each had a desire to continue the relationship, and were in a place emotionally where we could reasonably communicate throughout the program. The program provided many tools that are now incorporated into our daily lives and relationship. With these tools, we could more effectively progress through the enumerable challenges and considerable pain that infidelity caused in our relationship.

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