the secret to healing after infidelity


The Essential Steps to Get-Off the Emotional Rollercoaster and Enter a Clear Pathway to Heal Your Relationship even if healing seems like an impossible mission!

how to stay together, heal, forgive, and regain trust

what you can do right away to start healing 

the proven roadmap to healing from infidelity

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Go from traumatized & devastated to healed & thriving

Whether you feel stuck or frustrated with your ability to heal as a couple, or you struggle with having no idea on where to go now. You can use a couple of steps to pull you in the right direction and inspire hope back into your life and relationship. Join me to finally learn what it takes to rebuild trust and enjoy a healthy loving relationship again.

you're going to know If it really is possible to stay together, heal, forgive, and regain trust after betrayal.

then, you'll learn What couples who manage to rebuild their relationship after infidelity do that you can start doing right away.

And lastly, you'll know the next step to take to start regaining a loving relationship based on trust.

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we used to think this too, but...

You'd think healing from infidelity is impossible, right? But it's not.

As leading experts in affair recovery in the US, we've worked with hundreds of couples over the last 13 years. We learned that if you follow a proven roadmap to healing, you have over 90% chances to heal and transform your relationship after infidelity. 

And that's why we're doing this.

Most people don't know this and most therapists don't know how to help. We spent years learning and perfecting our roadmap so we can tell you all about the secrets to healing that no one talks about or knows. We know you can stay together and heal, but we don't want you to just survive. We want you to THRIVE!

And yet, it's vital that you understand for these reasons.

Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Idit, and I'm committed to helping couples heal from infidelity

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, a Miami private practice owner, a podcast host, and the creator of our Affair Recovery Program: It's Okay To Stay®. I am excited to teach you all about how you can heal from infidelity without getting frustrated and confused about the next step. 

foUNDER of relationship experts
licensed marriage & family therapist

“So much valuable information from a knowledgable expert!"

shauna, USA

“I am very hopeful now that I've watched this masterclass.”

david, Canada

The Masterclass Is For You    

You feel stuck in the healing process

You're tired of conventional & unhelpful couples therapy

You would appreciate a step by step effective roadmap


You're ready to experience healing and joy again!

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I'm sharing the Essential Steps to get-off the emotional rollercoaster and enter a clear pathway to heal Your relationship.

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