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Why Do Married People Cheat? Exploring the Most Common Motives for Infidelity In Marriage

Ask anyone why they think infidelity in marriage happens. Before experiencing it personally, many people think they know the most common reasons for cheating. At the very least they think they know what kind of people and situations encourage an affair. After all, the internet is chocked full of theories, ideas, and oversimplified thoughts about […]

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A man looking away from a woman making a begging gesture. Trust after infidelity is crucial for healing after cheating. Contact Relationship Experts for guidance in the US, Colorado, Canada, Australia, the UK, and globally.

Can Trust Be Rebuilt After Infidelity If There’s No Full Remorse?

Rebuilding trust after infidelity is crucial, yet many couples grapple with this challenge without full remorse from the unfaithful partner. This leads to an incredibly important and often devastating question: Can couples heal from infidelity when the unfaithful partner is not fully remorseful? In this article, we delve into this complex issue, offering insights, strategies, […]

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A man kneels next to his sitting wife, symbolizing reconciliation after infidelity. Relationship Experts LLC helps couples avoid common mistakes and survive infidelity, offering services in Ohio, the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and globally. Schedule a free consultation today!

Marriage Reconciliation After Infidelity: Common Mistakes (Part 3)

Welcome, and thank you for returning to our recent series titled Marriage Reconciliation After Infidelity: Common Mistakes. In our previous two articles, we discussed two common mistakes made by couples who stay together after an affair. Mistake #1 is not ending the affair properly. Mistake #2 is avoiding transparency regarding the betrayal. This blog post […]

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A woman peeking through blinds, representing the need for healing and transparency to reconcile after cheating. Contact Relationship Experts Online for marriage reconciliation guidance. Serving couples in North Carolina, the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Marriage Reconciliation after Infidelity: Common Mistakes (Part 2)

Welcome back to our series about how to reconcile after cheating and effectively build trust in your marriage. In our previous discussion, we talked about how some common mistakes in marriage reconciliation often get in the way of healing. We began this series with Marriage Reconciliation Mistake #1 which centered around failing to end the […]

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A woman and a man point at each other in a heated argument. Marriage reconciliation is challenging after an affair, but Relationship Experts can help. Contact us for a free consultation in New York, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Marriage Reconciliation After Infidelity: Common Mistakes (Part 1)

Staying together after an affair is tough work. You live with the hurt. You face the realities of betrayal and you manage the shame. All amid the daily work of marriage reconciliation, mistakes come with the territory, particularly if you go it alone. We get it. Mistakes are so often made during this painful and […]

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A woman glancing at a man's phone, depicting trust issues post-cheating. Discovering how to regain trust after infidelity. Schedule a consultation with Relationship Experts. Helping couples in Virginia, Colorado, New York, California, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Florida in the United States and in Canada

Can a Betraying Partner Earn Back Your Trust? (Part 2)

Are you confused and unsure how to regain trust after infidelity occurred in your relationship? Are you a betrayed partner wondering if it makes sense to stay with your unfaithful partner at all?  You aren’t alone. Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship. While it is possible to rebuild trust and recover from an affair, […]

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